Women's empowerment

Since a very young age, I knew that my purpose is to serve. As I was growing up, I found myself dreaming like crazy. I had dreams and goals and visions but I felt like I couldn’t move. The noise in my head was too intense. It was a voice of not being good enough or worthy enough to reach something that was beyond possible in the circle I came from. When I started looking around, I’ve noticed that I am not the only woman who feels this way. I wasn’t the only one squeezing my belly in front of the mirror, imagining how would I look like if I was skinnier. I wasn’t the only one saying that I want to have kids just because it was expected of me (I am recovering people pleaser BTW.) I wasn’t the only one letting go of opportunities just because I convinced myself I can’t handle them. I wasn’t the only one striving for perfectionism and then feeling like a shit because I couldn’t reach it.  A few years ago, it hit me hard. I couldn’t hide it anymore. My self-esteem was on the level zero and I sabotaged every opportunity to rise up. This realization fired me up and made me work twice as hard on myself. It pushed me to raise my standards, it challenged me to respect myself more than ever before, it taught me how to create boundaries and it inspired me to never settle for less than I deserve.  Today, I want to help you to do the same. Because once self-worth and self-belief kick in, you will become what you were always meant to be – UNSTOPPABLE. 

Your Present Situation

  • struggling with self-worth
  • doubting whether you are good enough
  • keeping your standards low and allowing things in your life which you don’t agree with
  • letting opportunities pass by you since you don’t believe you can handle them
  • postponing your dreams
  • feeling stuck and overwhelmed 
  • feeling that you deserve better but not knowing how to ask for it
  • struggling with body image and how you see yourself
  • lacking self-love and self-compassion 
  • being terrified to make necessary changes, feeling paralized

my role in your transformation

  • supporting you
  • encouraging you
  • holding you accountable
  • providing loyalty and trust
  • helping you in finding the problem 
  • leading you in the direction of your dreams
  • being there for you when you hit the wall 
  • working with you so you see how worthy, special and valuable you are
  • working with you step by step on changes which you were putting off
  • helping you in creating plans and strategies for reaching your desired breakthroughs
  • working with you on achieving your goals

your results

  • knowing your worth
  • being happy in your own skin
  • raising your standards without worrying whether other people can meet them
  • having bounderies
  • believing in yourself
  • working on your dreams with determination and courage
  • not letting fear stop you
  • seeing challenges and adversity as an opportunity for learning and growth 
  • seeing and understanding that you are good enough 
  • letting go of perfectionism and focusing on improvement 

“Everyone needs a coach. It doesn’t matter whether you are a basketball player, a tennis player, a gymnast or a bridge player.”

Bill Gates

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