become the change

Take advantage of this special offer which is available just for a limited time. “THE CHANGE” is a 90-day intense coaching program for building a strong mindset, eliminating fears or doubts which are stopping you from moving forward and going from having a goal to living the goal.

what can you expect from "the change"?

One-on-one sessions

One-on-one meetings. We’ll meet once per week which is a total of 12 sessions. This is an intense coaching program where all my attention goes to you. 

Creating 90-day game plan

We’ll create step-by-step plan based on your most important goals. Small tasks for each week, bigger tasks for each month and the overall result after 90 days.

Eliminating mindset blocks

Lack of belief and fear are common reasons why we feel paralyzed. We’ll work on eliminating mindset blocks and creating powerful belief system.

Understanding discipline

We’ll work on your discipline patters and your commitment level. The most important thing is to understand that discipline is an act of self-love .  

Developing powerful habits

Proper habits are important for sustainable success. We’ll work on eliminating old patterns and create habits which lead to success. 

Accountability and support

During the entire 90 days, you’ll have my 24/7 support via phone and emails. I’ll hold you accountable for your action and provide support, and loyalty. 

Program “THE change” is for you if:

  • you are tired of new year’s resolutions which never stick 
  • you want to create solid change and transform your life
  • you are tired of settling for less than you deserve and you are ready to be uncomfortable
  • you want to raise your confidence and prove to yourself that you can do it
  • you want to raise above your mindset blocks, fear and doubt and condition yourself for success
  • you are hungry, ambitious and ready to live your most fulfilling life 
  • you are a woman who is ready to kick ass and be happy

You are one decision away from a totally different life

Stop waiting for the right time. This is the right time. This is the moment. You have everything you need to move forward, to grow, to prosper and become successful in every area of your life. You are a woman of power and NOW it's time to use it.

Make the 2019 the year of the change and transformation. This is THE YEAR of opportunities and unfulfilled dreams. This is THE CHANGE.

Special offer. This is limited time only. 

You can sign up for “The change” only until the end of December 2018. The open spots are very limited since I am accepting only a few women who I want to closely work with and who are serious about taking their life to the next level. 

Click HERE to apply.


Payment Options


One-time payment of $900

Three easy payments of $300

Because I truly stand behind my work, this program comes with 7-day money back guarantee. As you can see, there really isn’t any risk. If you are ready beyond ready, if you are serious about your future, click HERE and apply today. 

"Always go with the choice that scares you the most, because that's the one that is going to help you grow."
Caroline Myss