School of Courage

silvia turonova


Hi there. My name is Silvia Turonova. Let me welcome you to this raw, imperfect, beautifully authentic and power-driven community where being yourself and boldly follow your dreams is the #1 priority.

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What is School of Courage?

The school of Courage is the place where you come and you are just YOU. I’ve created this mastermind based on my own experience as well as what I call “emotional awakening” which happened sometime last year. It was a result of me striving for perfection, being probably the most unauthentic person on Earth where having the courage to face my pains, shame or feelings was nothing but the dream.

I pretended I got it all figure out while secretly living a very fearful life. I didn’t want to face my pains so anytime I got hurt, I simply “brushed it” off and try to move on. Often, I found myself hustling for my worthiness in relationships and I was constantly waiting for an approval from the outside world.

Since my tolerance for this lifestyle became unbearable, I was forced to deal with it.

I got highly engage in studying and examining my own behavior and became obsessed with some of the most important questions. How do we create pure happiness for ourselves? How do we start believing in ourselves after years of living in a self-doubt? What do we need to do to give ourselves the respect and love we need? What makes us raise our standards and stop settling for less?

When I finally opened up to myself and faced all my imperfections, hurts, pains, shames and vulnerabilities, it was the moment I became real with WHO I AM for the very first time. This emotional awakening brought me self-respect, allowed me to feel good enough and helped in raising my standards in my personal as well as professional life.

School of courage is the place where you learn how to embrace authenticity, see your imperfections and love yourself through them, face your fears and deal with pains in the way which empowers you and allows you to conquer them.

The truth is that until you are able to see yourself for what you are and understand that defining your worth comes from within, you’ll be always just running around and waiting for someone or something to give you the love and attention you need (I did it, what an exercise). As a result? You’ll never feel good enough. It will reflect on your personal relationships, the quality of your self-belief, and ability to accomplish your dreams and goals. And this is why I am here to help you since I personally know the struggle.

We will work on your self-belief, we will design the story which you can use as a powerful foundation for your future success, we will embrace your authenticity and celebrate your imperfections and we will face those uncomfortable feelings by using your courage.

Stop waiting for approval and take a charge. Have the courage to see how amazing and unique you are.


This program is designed for people:

  • who want to embrace their most authentic self
  • who are ready to face their past and find benefits in things which hurt them
  • who want to stop settling for less and design fulfilling life once and for all
  • who understand that vulnerability is a strength
  • who are ready to see all their imperfections and love themselves fully
  • who are ready to level up in their personal and professional life
  • who are ready to exercise their courage and use it to face themselves
  • who are ready to reach their dreams
  • who are willing to live unapologetically


Here is what you get:

1 Weekly Group Video Lesson

Actionable sheet for each topic

Private Facebook Group

Email Support During the Entire Time of the Program


WEEK 1: Getting Clear on Where You Are at

WEEK 2: Designing Your Story. Using the Power of Your Past

WEEK 3: Empowerment Through Imperfections

WEEK 4: Raising Your Standards

WEEK 5: Worthiness. The Power of 3 SELF – Love, Respect, Belief

WEEK 6: Embracing Authenticity

WEEK 7: Facing YOU Part 1: Your Pains

WEEK 8: Facing YOU Part 2: Finding Benefits

BONUS WEEK 9: What is the next step?

Are you ready to take your life to the next level?

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Stop settling for less and accepting life you don’t like.

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Still not sure?

Nothing to worry about.

This program comes with 14-day money back GUARANTEE. 

If you feel after 2 weeks that School of Courage isn’t for you, I’ll happily refund the cost of the program. I stand firmly behind what I teach and my knowledge is a result of real-life experience, breakthroughs, and changes. Therefore I am sure you will get an enormous value from this program.

As you see, there really isn’t any risk.

 So, if you find yourself in this program and you feel that it speaks to your heart, don’t wait and apply by filling up the form below.

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