7-day Coaching Course


Embrace positive perspective on life, gain more clarity and begin your coaching journey today. 


This course is for women who:

Are ready to upscale the quality of their lives

Want to focus on their dreams and goals and get clear about their future

Want to raise their standards

Want to gain positive perspective on life

Want to master how to deal with adversity

Want to gain more clarity about their thoughts and feelings

Want to focus on things they are good at and embrace them

Want to strive for improvement instead of perfection

 Want to live in gratitude and appreciation


benefits of 7-day Coaching Course


  • you gain more clarity about your thoughts and feelings
  • you learn practical ways (questions and exercises) on how to deal with adversity 
  • you gain clarity about your dreams and goals and what you want for the future

Self-worth and self-reflection

  • you learn how to accept yourself no matter your flaws or imperfections (hint: we all have them darling)
  • you focus on improvement instead of perfection
  • you learn how to appreciate yourself more by focusing on things you are good at
  • you understand that it all starts within
  • you raise your standards and stop tolerating things which don’t benefit your life

Vision and gratitude

  • you work on completing your 5-year vision
  • you learn how to eliminate things which threaten your peace of mind
  • you focus on positive things and aspect of your life and embrace gratitude
  • you reserve one day on relax and reflect on your successes