Episode #98 Fearless Emotions

silvia turonova

In today’s podcast episode, I want to talk to every strong woman who is doing her best she can but still finds herself feeling inadequate and not strong enough. 

Since no one has all the answers and we all need a break, it’s safe to say that taking the “I have my shit together” mask off is the surest way to fulfillment and true authenticity. 

Many of us have developed a belief that we have to be strong at all times. Many of us believe that that’s what strong women do which can’t be further from the truth.  

Our own expectations to be and act perfect, to constantly care for others and rarely take a break creates way too much pressure that is becoming difficult to handle. 

Since I have my share of struggles in this area, I know that being a perfectly strong woman isn’t as empowering as it sounds. Constantly suppressing my emotions and pretending that I am the toughest cookie in the room cost me burn-out and a mental breakdown. 

If you are finding yourself in my words, then this podcast episode is for you. 

Tune in and learn:

  • how I developed a belief that I have to be always strong and negative side effects of this belief
  • the fear of hurt and our urge to build walls and armor up 
  • why protecting yourself from hurt means protecting yourself from love
  • the most powerful way on how to deal with negative emotions, embrace vulnerability and understanding of true empowerment

What is your best away from this episode? Leave a comment below.

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