Episode #95 Taking Emotions Out of the Equation

silvia turonova

Emotions are a driving force of our actions. We act based on how we feel, not how we think. 

Learning how to manage our emotional state is crucial for healthy personal relationships as well as a career or a business.

How many times have we acted based on our emotions, and later felt like we overreacted or took an argument to a higher level?

It happened to all of us – no judgment here, my friend.

The good news is that we can reduce and eliminate these situations by learning and practicing emotional intelligence.

In today’s podcast episode, you will learn:

  • what is emotional intelligence and how you can use it in your advantage
  • why we often quit on our goals because we focus on what we feel like doing instead of doing what we need to do
  • a crucial part of any self-improvement process and how to withdraw from judgment for the best growth and results
  • four ways on how to develop emotional intelligence and learn to take emotions out of the equation when needed

Once you give it a listen, share your best takeaways in the comment section.

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