Episode #86 Self-Care and Spiritual Hygiene

silvia turonova

One of the most powerful feelings you can have is stillness. When you are in the midst of chaos but still manage to feel still – that’s power. 

And this power comes from taking care of yourself and having spiritual hygiene in place. Think of this mental state as a happy medium – you aren’t too calm and you aren’t too excited. You are somewhere in the middle where you feel solid on the inside and focused. 

The real meaning of self-care and many spiritual practices is in developing mindsets and attitudes which make you feel whole and in peace. 

When I talk about self-care, I don’t want you to see it as something external. I am not talking about Instagram posts with hashtag self-care while getting your nails done in a local salon. 

I am talking about self-forgiveness, reflecting how far you have come and giving yourself permission to exhale through meditation and mindfulness. 

There is a stigma going around which represents this idea of women to always care about everything and everyone around them. If a woman decides to take time for herself, say NO or simply embrace her imperfections, she is putting herself in a risk of judgment from others. 

Since I absolutely love challenging the status quo, I decided to dedicate this podcast episode to every woman who never feels like she does enough no matter what she does. 

Tune in and learn: 

  • importance of spiritual hygiene and self-care on your overall success and happiness
  • why stillness is the most powerful emotion and how to access it 
  • embracing imperfections as an act of self-care and happiness 
  • 4-step process on how to create more stillness and self-appreciation 

What are your best self-care practices? Share it in the comment section below.

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