Episode #85 The Power of Boundaries

silvia turonova

One of the most profound ways on how to embrace self-love and create deep relationships with others is by setting clear and healthy boundaries. 

What often prevents us from setting boundaries is the fear of losing people. We are afraid that if we set higher standards or communicate what we aren’t willing to tolerate, people will walk away. 

The truth is that those who aren’t willing to respect things you aren’t comfortable with shouldn’t be on your priority list in the first place. 

It all comes down to one thing: “What you allow, will continue.” So the question shouldn’t be “What can I do to keep them in my life” BUT “What can I do to respect myself more?” 

Recently, I was faced with a challenge where I had to choose my boundaries over the presence of a person who mattered to me. It inspired me to share it with you in today’s podcast episode. 

Tune in and learn:

  • why respecting your boundaries is a revolutionary act of self-love 
  • how setting healthy boundaries helps you to create deep and meaningful relationships for life 
  • how sabotaging your boundaries lowers your self-respect and create a toxic environment 
  • how boundaries contribute to your happiness in terms of social connections 
  • 3 ways how to create healthy boundaries with yourself and others 

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