Episode #76 Toxic Traits and Tendencies

silvia turonova

If someone asks me what is the most powerful skill we can develop, I will say it’s self-reflection. Being able to reflect on your shortcomings and change them is power. 

One of the most common topics on the internet these days is how to deal with toxic people. But what if we tolerate toxicity and drama in our lives because we are toxic?

I know, that’s some hard look in the mirror moment, isn’t it? 

For almost 28 years of my life, I believed that everyone around me was toxic until there came a moment when I had to ask myself: “Why do I tolerate all this toxicity and negativity in my life?” As you can guess, I wasn’t the victim.

I grew up in a household with lots of drama, arguments and abuse. I adopted many toxic tendencies because of it. Only when I decided to take responsibility for my behavior, I was able to cope with and eliminate drama and negativity from my life. 

I want you to listen to today’s podcast episode with love and compassion and I want you to understand that being able to face your own toxicity is a huge act of self-love. 

Tune in and learn:

  • some of the biggest reasons behind your toxic behavior and how you adapt to them 
  • the distinction between being a toxic person and having toxic tendencies 
  • #1 rule I live by when it comes to self-reflection and self-awareness which makes the entire process powerful
  • the importance of healing your pains and trauma while eliminating toxic traits 
  • 3 steps on how to deal with toxic traits 

What is your best takeaway from this episode? Leave a comment below.

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