Episode #75 Discomfort Tolerance

silvia turonova

Many negative emotions that bring discomfort are a result of our expectations that life should be always good, we should be always happy and positive. 

Often, it’s not discomfort itself that causes pain but also our perception of what discomfort represents for us.  

If we see discomfort as a burden, we will suffer. If we see it as a currency, we can learn to manage practically anything from losing weight, building a business, improving our financial situation and the list goes on. 

Some of the biggest breakthroughs and growth happens when we embrace what’s uncomfortable at the moment and take it as a lesson instead of a struggle. 

In today’s podcast episode I am going to share with you how to leverage uncomfortable situations.

Tune in and learn: 

  • how to change your perspective on discomfort and use it into your advantage 
  • why tolerating discomfort is one of your most valuable skills 
  • how to program your mind for long-term fulfillment instead of short-term pleasure
  • 3 simple steps on how to develop discomfort tolerance and master anything 

What is your best takeaway from this episode? Share it in the comment section below.

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  1. Great content! Super high-quality! Keep it up! :)

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