Episode #74 Coaching Session 101

silvia turonova

One of the well-respected coaches once said: “When you change the way how you see the world, your world changes.”

The main focus of every coaching session I have with my clients is to help them see what they can’t see, to make them understand that their potential truly has no limits and to show them how to build the most powerful mindset.

One of the effective ways to do that is to ask them questions that pick their brains and make them think on a totally different level than they are used to. 

Powerful questions give you powerful answers. They make you question your beliefs or perception of reality and open your mind to more possibilities and options. 

It’s common to think on one level and never move beyond that since we aren’t challenged to think differently. 

In today’s podcast episode, I am going to challenge the way how you think and feel by asking you 5 simple yet profound questions. 

Tune in and learn: 

  • the power of asking the right questions 
  • benefits of self-coaching and how to challenge yourself powerfully 
  • my personal examples of self-coaching and how asking myself the right questions changed my life
  • 5 questions that will make you feel uncomfortable and empowered at the same time 


  1. Great content! Super high-quality! Keep it up! :)

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