Episode #72 The Illusion of Perfection

silvia turonova

Perfectionism is an unattainable goal. You can’t touch it or feel it or reach it. 

When the desire for improvement turns into an obsession to be and act perfect, constant feeling of not being “good enough” creeps in because what you are striving for doesn’t exist. 

Any growth, whether personal or professional will be one of the most imperfect things you will experience because growth itself is messy. 

You try and fail, you make mistakes and try again. That’s how you build a business, that’s how you manifest your passion, that’s how you heal and grow. 

I, myself, fall into this expectation of “perfect” many times and I know you have too. We all do because we care. That’s why this podcast episode is what you need to kick your perfect self in the butt and embrace the process as it is. 

Tune in and learn:

  • why do we struggle with perfectionism and where it comes from 
  • why the desire for being perfect lowers your productivity 
  • how perfectionism negatively affects your life and how to change it 
  • how to beat perfectionism and embrace your faults and mistakes instead

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