Episode #71 The Motivation Trap

silvia turonova

Anytime you work towards a worthwhile goal or something big and exciting, you have to understand that you won’t always feel motivated. 

Big goals bring challenges and obstacles and these situations won’t always feel pleasant. You’ll feel discouraged, frustrated or tired. Motivation won’t be there but your willpower will. Use that instead. 

In today’s podcast episode, I am going to break down the myths about motivation and why your success stands on habits and consistency. 

Tune in and learn: 

  • how you sabotage your goals through motivation
  • how to get out of the motivation trap 
  • motivation as one of the most overrated emotions 
  • the power of habits, consistency and dedication 
  • how to use your willpower instead and make motivation your bonus driving force 

Once you listen to this episode, let me know what you think about being and staying motivated in the comment section below.

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