Episode #68 Developing a Deep Sense of Self-Love

silvia turonova

The concept of self-love is more complexed than what we often see on social media or read from some motivational quote. 

Loving yourself doesn’t mean getting your nails done or visiting a hair salon every other week or taking a lavish vacation in some exotic place. 

Self-love is much deeper because regardless of what you have or where you are, your inner world ultimately defines the quality of your life. Self-love fulfills you while everything else is a bonus. 

In today’s podcast episode, I am going to share with you what practicing self-love means and how to practice it on a deeper level.

Tune in and learn:

  • how to develop a deep sense of self-love 
  • what it means to love yourself and why so many of us misunderstood this concept 
  • how facing your shortcomings is one of the most loving things you can do for you 
  • 5 Ways how to take your self-loving journey to the next level

What is your best takeaway from this episode? Leave a comment below.

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