Episode #65 Letting Go of the Past

silvia turonova

The best way to heal your past is to understand that your past mistakes, challenges or pains don’t define you, they are only a part of your story. 

Sometimes your past pains are so familiar, you can’t imagine living without them. They provide a certain comfort since you are used to feeling them and therefore, they become a huge part of your identity. Think about it as a false safety.

In today’s podcast episode, I am diving deep into your past, how to truly let go and keep only lesson it carries.

  • Tune in and learn:the difference between surviving and thriving
  • real reasons why your past is keeping you stuck (some of them will blow your mind)
  • why facing your own bullshit and taking responsibility for your life is the first step towards the change 
  • 5 effective steps on how to let go of your past successfully 

Have you ever felt paralyzed by your past? Share your story in the comment section below.

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