Episode #64 Growth Through Adversity

silvia turonova

The more you expect your life to be perfect and problem-free, the more you are putting yourself in the state of suffering. 

It’s important to recognize that as happiness and joy serve a purpose, so do pain and challenges. 

Some of your biggest breakthroughs and growth happens through adversity if you understand its place in your life. 

You can build your successes on your failures, happiness on sadness and strengths on your weaknesses. 

In today’s podcast episode, I am going to share with you what growing through adversity means and how it can positively change your life. 

Tune in and learn:

  • how to understand life as it is and not as it should be
  • how to take advantage of seemingly negative situations 
  • an important disclosure I want you to understand in regards to your pain 
  • how I created the best things in my life through the most difficult times 
  • 5 ways how to grow through adversity 

What is your best takeaway from this episode? Leave a comment below.

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