Episode #61 Overcoming Hurt

silvia turonova

You protect your emotions by healing, not by numbing or ignoring things which hurt you. 

The main purpose of dealing with pain is to not let one person or one event dictate how you approach future opportunities and relationships. 

Many of us don’t focus on healing because it feels uncomfortable. We armor up, pretend that everything is fine and push the pain away when in fact, it never disappears. 

Since this podcast episode is all about healing your pains and overcoming hurt, here is what you’ll learn:

  • how to change perspective on pain and accept it as a part of life
  • the purpose of healing
  • the best way to protect your heart from getting hurt 
  • 5 ways how to deal with hurt effectively 

What are your best takeaways from this episode? Share in the comment section below.

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