Episode #60 Toxic Relationships

silvia turonova

Facing negative and toxic people is almost impossible to avoid. 

But what if you have some toxic traits which you’ve been overlooking? 

Or what if you are tolerating toxic people in your life because you feel unworthy or unloved?

Many articles, blogs or podcasts will talk about how to spot a toxic person or what are some signs of toxicity. What I’ve learned and observed in the past 5 years is that working on my toxic traits and taking care of my soul was the ultimate tool to fight this issue. 

If you struggle with toxic people, tune into today’s podcast episode and learn:

  • the power of responsibility and self-awareness while dealing with toxic people 
  • how I discovered that my toxic traits were the reason I build toxic relationships and how I changed it
  • 2 most important questions to ask yourself while staying in a toxic relationship 
  • the importance of taking ownership for your behavior
  • 5 ways how to deal with toxicity and negativity in your relationships 

What is your experience with toxic people and how did you handle it? Share your story in the comment section below.

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