Episode #59 Feeling "Not Good Enough"

silvia turonova

Many women internalize the belief that “they aren’t enough.” 

No matter what they do, how caring and “perfect” they are, they often feel inadequate and behind. 

When you lack worthiness, it impacts your entire life from your career, business, relationships and a relationship with yourself. 

Although there are several reasons why people struggle with this invisible mental disease, there are many ways and practices which you can adapt to change the perception of your worth. 

Here is what we are going to cover in today’s podcast episode:

  • how your past environment affects the way you see your worth 
  • why you are enough whether you believe it or not
  • the dangerous part of seeking outside validation and how to overcome it
  • 3 powerful practices which will help you to change the perception of your worth and feel good enough without seeking proof 

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