Episode #56 Show Up For Yourself

silvia turonova

Every day you are deciding whether you pull back and let fear controls you or show up and face things that aren’t comfortable. 

You win by showing up. And showing up is often messy, vulnerable and uncertain. It challenges you but embraces your growth on so many levels.

You stay alive by doing things and trying things that are pushing you out of your comfort zone – that’s how you win in life. 

In today’s podcast episode, I am going to share with you why it’s important to show up for yourself and how it benefits your growth and confidence.  

Tune in and learn:

  • the moment I realized why showing up is crucial for my growth 
  • why life isn’t about winning but being in the arena
  • benefits of showing up 
  • how not to worry about criticism or judgment of people who are standing on the sidelines
  • 5 ways how to show up for life 

How are you showing up for yourself? Leave a comment below.

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