Episode #53 Overcoming Guilt

silvia turonova

There are two sides to guilt. 

One is the moral compass it provides for bettering and improving yourself. 

The other is something that calls “chronic” guilt where a person dwells on their past mistakes and actions and can’t get rid of the feeling. This one is self-destructive and it may lead to unhappiness and psychological struggle. 

You can use guilt to grow and evolve. Other than that there isn’t a point of living in guilt. 

The truth is – you are doing the best you can in a given moment. 

Since the constant feeling of guilt is pretty common among all of us, I want to show you and teach you how to use guilt effectively and forgive yourself for any mistakes or actions. 

Tune in and learn:

  • benefits of guilt 
  • the positive side of guilt 
  • why seeing yourself as a “bad” person won’t help you in being a “better” person
  • guilt as a moral compass 
  • how constant guilt affects your self-worth 
  • how to overcome guilt in 5 steps 

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