Episode #35 Practicing Courage

silvia turonova

People say that fear is an illusion and I must disagree with this statement for a simple reason.   

Fear is real. And it influences you if you follow it, buy into it, give it a meaning and live in it.   

This so-called illusion turns into a real roadblock which crashes your dreams and let you settle for things you don’t want.   

But not today. Not you. I know you aren’t here to play with your fingers. You are here to kick some ass. 

Tune in and learn: 

  • what courage really is and when is the best time to practice it
  • why baby steps make a huge difference when you are a recovering fearful cookie –
  • a misconception we have about being a courageous person 
  • 6 powerful ways how to effectively practice courage 

What are some of your best moments when you chose courage instead of fear? Leave a comment below.

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