Episode #28 The Power of Perspective

silvia turonova

The quality of your life is defined by how you see and perceive things which have happened to you. Having the ability to reframe the situation may open the door to more possibilities and build a positive mindset. In today’s podcast episode, I will share with you how changing your perspective on things will change your entire life from your past to your present and your future.

Here’s what you learn:

  • the famous story about alcoholic father and his two sons
  • what is “selective perception” and how to use it
  • how my negative perception of life didn’t allow me to move forward and kept me stuck
  • how your perspective affects your goals based on science
  • 7 ways how to change your perspective in a positive direction

What is your perception of life? Do you feel that it empowers you or prevents you from moving forward? Leave a comment below.

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