Episode #23 Beating Perfectionism

silvia turonova

I absolutely love seeing women thrive and live in their power. That’s why I decided to dedicate this podcast episode to perfectionism and why striving for improvement is all you need to live your best life.

I’ll cover:

  • what is perfectionism and the toxic side of it
  • what are negative causes of perfectionism and why it prevents us from success instead of building one
  • different types of perfectionism
  • how to “treat” and handle perfectionism and why focusing on improvement is essential for a healthy confidence and personal growth

Do you struggle with being a perfectionist? Let me know and leave a comment below.


  1. I struggle with this!!

    • You can see giving up perfectionism as a healing process. It's okay to recognize it. And because it's a process, it takes some time. Janette, take it one day at the time and start with something small. I hope you find this podcast episode useful. And remember, you are not alone. 😉

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