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About the book

Courage Within You is your personal playbook which will help you in designing a significant life, not the one which “just happens.” This book is filled with practical and effective ways on how to improve your life and mostly, your perspective on it. it will inspire you to take action and become in charge of your everyday life. And it will also make you laugh because I will be sharing with you some of my hilarious moments when my mind played tricks on me (powdering my skin twice since I was blushing because I was afraid to ask a question.)This book will teach you how to better understand struggles, how to handle pains as a pro and how to develop a better understanding to what difficult things in life represents and how you can benefit from them and feel empowered.

self-help books

           About the author

Silvia Turonova is a life coach, motivational speaker, and a writer. She is a founder of CourageWithinYou platform and has written well over 200 articles on powerful mindset and personal growth. Her own life story inspired her to help those who struggle to build a fulfilling life because of their past, shame or low self-esteem. She believes that every pain has its power and if we can understand it, we can use it as a strength and not some devastating experience. You can connect with her HERE.


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