Behind the Scenes of My New Book and How it Can Change Your Life

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I have a huge news for you, my friend. I am super duper excited to announce that my book Courage Within You is out. In this article, I want to share with you how I got myself into writing it (still can’t believe it) and how ti can help you in increasing the quality of your life since that was the main point which I kept in mind for all this time.

It all started about 2 years ago. My life was falling apart in front of my eyes while I was sitting there with Chardonnay in my hand, feeling hopeless and totally incapable to make it different. I was broke, I had no money to my name and no job. To make it even better, my personal life sucked probably on every level. This situation left me feeling miserable and disappointed. I was seeing myself as a failure, I taught that I am moving backward and not forward. I was totally vulnerable and broke inside.

The only thing which was holding me accountable was the gut feeling, the itch in my heart which was telling me that I have a chance and I can’t settle and let my life just slide. So I started to focus on my mindset and became obsessed with personal development. I knew that if I can change my mind and the way I see things, I can change my life. It was obvious. My thoughts and perspective were preventing me from leveling up.

Then one day, I woke up and I knew there wasn’t more time. No more misery, no more self-pity. It was the day when I knew I had to find my purpose, I had to find this one thing I was meant to pursue in life. I had quit with the belief that money situation defines me, I had to stop seeing my current struggle as a definition of who I was. I had to know the deal of my life. Now or never.

As I was walking in my room from one corner to another, trying to brainstorm and come up with an idea, suddenly, it hit me. “I can start writing a blog!” I hear you. What a “brilliant” idea, right? Online space is flooded with bloggers of any caliber. Got ya. It sounds like nothing high profile, but the idea behind this blog was what turned me on. What if I can share my experience and knowledge with other people who struggled as I was, people who were going through a crisis and didn’t know what to do? I can use this blog as a medium to help people and start my successful journey in an online space.

The second big question was, “What will be the name of the blog?”

At that time, I felt like I was fighting every day. I was fighting for who I was, I was fighting for following my path, I was fighting for who I was supposed to become. It became obvious to me that if there was one thing I needed to develop in order to change my life and face any resentment, it was courage. And this is how the name Courage Within You came to life.

One and a half year and 200 blogs later, I became a part of the course The Circle of Influence with Joel Brown. On our first one-on-one session, as Joel was observing my blog and seeing what can be changed and improved, he asked me a question,” What if you write a book and name it as your blog, Courage Within You?” That was the moment when I knew that he just came up with the best idea and process of writing a book started.

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Now that you know a piece of my story, it’s time to look at yours. How can this book improve your life and help you in creating your powerful story, one which empowers you and gives you strength? How can you use it to your advantage and get the best results?

Since it is a personal development book, it isn’t only about some motivational content which is supposed to fire you up for 5 minutes. I will be sharing with you practical and effective ways on how to improve quality of your life, how to make changes quicker and more effectively, how to understand your pains, struggles and so-called failures and how to understand that every setback is a benefit to your life and mental strength.

Courage Within You is designed to inspire you and make you laugh since some of the stories I will be sharing are pretty funny. How afraid I was to ask a question, how I had to powder my skin twice just so no one sees me blushing. And how ridiculous I felt after all. But most importantly, I believe that this book can help you in elevating the quality of your life since many exercises in it are simple and you can use them immediately.

I hope, from the bottom of my heart that this book will show you how powerful and significant you already are. Once you decide to give it a shot a read it, I will be more than happy to hear your honest review about it. Get your copy HERE.

Thank you
Silvia Turonova

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