8 Powerful Mind Tricks: Achieve an Absolute Control Over Your Life

silvia turonova

It’s Monday morning. For some reason, my alarm clock decided to take some time off and I woke up late for work. I am running around like a wild animal, from one room to another when I hit my toe. “Ouch!!!!” Current mood – volcano before the explosion.

In a meantime, I hit an Uber app and order a ride. I ran downstairs, driver nowhere. I am becoming convinced that the app knows my current mental state and tries me how much I can take. I finally sit in the car with an attitude of a bitch. The driver is nice. After a few minutes, I calm down and start to recap my entire morning. What was this madness good for? Is alarm clock running my life? Ridiculous.

No alarm clock, no Uber app, no driver or hit toe can drive you as crazy as your own mind.  The interpretation of the situation you are in is a reality you create.

The best day of my life was the day when I find out that I can control anything that is happening inside of me, and therefore feel in control of the outside world. Think about it. If you can stay cool, rational and logical most of the time when something uncontrollable happens, eventually you feel in control because it doesn’t get you off the track.

You may be thinking, easier said and then done and you are absolutely right. Taking control over your life and your attitude is a hard work and it can’t be done without focus and discipline. But who said that good things in life come easily?

Without further explanation, let’s get our hands dirty a bit. Here are 8 effective mind tricks which will help you in achieving an absolute control over life.

Mind Tricks #1 Perspective

Have you ever heard a story about two brothers who grew up with an alcoholic father? One of the brothers became extremely successful, he was healthy, never drank a drop of alcohol and build an amazing and harmonic family. In a meantime, his brother became an alcoholic, broke and miserable every day of his life. No family, no happiness. How is it possible that two people with the same past ended up living completely different lives? It’s perspective.

While one brother took the alcoholism of his father as a great lesson for life on how not to live, the other brother ended up living in self-pity. The lesson was the same but because of their different perspective, it’s impacted their rest of their lives.

If you get only one thing from this article, please take this Mind Trick #1. Perspective is what you see at the beginning, and eventually, it will define the end.

Mind Trick #2 Pain is Positive

Okay, now you may be thinking “She is crazy.” I don’t entirely deny it but let me help you understand something. 97% of a time pain creates change. Pain tells you that something is wrong and often causes the biggest breakthroughs in life. It motivates you and pushes you forward if you understand it.

I talk about the mind trick of pain in many of my videos and other articles and I want to share with you what I usually do when I end up in pain and want to get out of it. Instead of pushing it away and pretending that everything is fine, ask yourself this “What’s in it for me? What is this pain trying to tell me or teach me? Where is the benefit?”

I can’t begin to tell you how these simple, yet effective questions can change your perspective on pain and help you with recovery. You will not only become more rational about your situation, but you will direct your focus on a solution.

Mind Trick #3 You define yourself

The impact of society, close people you surround yourself with, or social media madness is huge and I don’t deny it. But if you let the number of likes on your selfie photo define your worth, we need to talk.

I have met so many people who have tons of excuses like “My parents don’t allow me or my spouse doesn’t allow me.” Many people are convinced of this “truth” so let me respectfully disagree. You are the one letting them do so, you give permission, you let it flow or you can stop it. Let’s quit with the blame. You run the show.

The first thing in breaking this pattern is to understand one thing – you define yourself, your goal. You are the boss of your destiny, period. If you think you are beautiful, you will be beautiful. If you think you are courageous, you will be courageous. So repeat after me “I am who I chose to become!”

Mind Trick #4 Love Your Mistakes

I just read on www.WeAllMessUpSoChillOut.com that there are ZERO sinners in this world. However this is a fake website which I totally made it up just now, I 100% believe that this fact is true and I really want to stress this out for you.

There is a number of people living in a misery because of their past mistakes and this number is too big to ignore it. Look, what happened, it’s gone. You and I can’t change it no matter how much we wish to have such a privilege. Instead of focusing on past errors and feeling ashamed, figure out what you can do now to make it better. Who can you help? What can you change?

The truth is that we all messed up at some point. Beating yourself down doesn’t make anything better, if not worse. Learn from it, forgive yourself and move on.

Mind Trick #5 Laser Focus

It’s morning. You wake up with tons of plans to accomplish, feeling dedicated that all your tasks will be done effectively. One hour later, your phone goes off and you end up reading new notification from Facebook about your friend’s birthday. 10 minutes later, you are still on Facebook then you go grab a snack, walk around your house or think of some old memory from the past. Suddenly, 2 hours later, you are running out of time, already cutting off today’s responsibility for tomorrow. Can you resonate on this scenario?

It’s very easy to lose focus and get distracted by everything that is happening around you. However, there are a few things which you can do to minimize disturbance and stay focused. Put your phone away, somewhere where you can’t reach it or see it. Anytime you start thinking about something different than the actual thing in front of you, stop immediately and go back to what you are doing. Don’t multitask, at least not when you are dealing with something important what requires your full attention.

You can literally talk yourself into focusing. Every time you are about to start a task, tell yourself this, “I am going to stay fully focus on what I am doing and I won’t stop until this task is finished.” It may sound silly, but this little reminder will keep you on track and alert.

Mind Trick #6 3-minutes breath time

The first time I learned about the power of a simple breathing was when I read the book from Tony Robbins ‘Awaken the Giant Within’. This book not only changed my life but gave me tons of valuable exercise and breathing was one of them.

Deep breathing is closely connected with yoga and also meditation. Whether you are stressed out, frustrated, angry or simply feeling out of place, 3 minutes of deep breathing can change your emotional state in an instant.

This is what you do: close your eyes and deeply inhale. Hold your breath for s few seconds and then slowly exhale. Repeat it for about 5 to 10 times, depending on where you are and how much time you have. It will help you to concentrate and you gain more control over yourself in a given moment.

Mind Trick #7 Failure is Success

This trick is a gold mine. How can you trick your mind into believing that failure is actually hidden success? By seeing what failure has taught you and how much it moved you forward.

The problem is that most of us are taught that failure is bad, negative or unnecessary. Not many parents or teachers encourage children to celebrate failure and that’s where it all gets twisted. Failure was and always will be the part of life. There isn’t such a thing as success without failure.

As soon as you can understand this simple concept, you can benefit from it right then and there. You can become a pro only by continuous action and persistent. This leads you to the last mind trick which is creating habits.

Mind Trick #8 Adapting right habits

There was a bit of confusion about how long does it take to ultimately develop a habit. Some said 21 days, then I found out it’s 66. I will believe those 66 days because it came from the more trustworthy source. 66 days are approximately 2 months. That’s it. Only 2 months to change something that you have been doing for years. I think that’s just fantastic.

Let’s say that you run on McDonald’s and Coke. Within two months, you can be eating salads, tons of fruit, drink healthy water and feel awesome. Anything is worth of 2 months sacrifice, don’t you think? And again, it’s all about your mind. How much do you commit? How discipline you stay? It’s all mind, thoughts or perspective.

Do you have any mind trick which is benefiting your life? Share it with us and leave a comment below.

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