3 Powerful Tricks which Will Turn You into a Positive Person within Minutes

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About a year ago, I found myself constantly working like crazy. I was doing my two jobs plus I was working on my real dream which is becoming a life coach and a writer.

Instead of feeling the determination to sacrifice whatever it takes and escape from this rat race, I felt stuck in one circle, very far away from feeling excited or hopeful.

Then one day, as I was indulging in my negative thinking, seeing all those things I don’t have and two shitty jobs I can’t stand, it clicked. I am a negative person and because of my thoughts and perspective on life, I am not moving forward. Period. This simple realization blew all bullshit excuses right out of the window.

Whether you believe in God, the Universe or the fact that you should never pee against the wind, one rule applies to everyone. We attract what we feel. It’s not really what you think, as you might have taught. Your feelings create the vibration in your body which attracts things similar to what you feel. Trust me when I tell you that this is very real.

A positive perspective on life is crucial for one simple reason. I don’t expect you to walk around, smiling like a lunatic all day long. But seeing life as a lucky place, having a perspective that life gave you too much instead of too little, this belief will make all the difference in your life.

When I finally discovered the root of my problems, I was shocked how easy it is to slip and participate in blame, anger, frustration or hurt. We can’t deny those feelings because of course, they are part of life. But if we dwell on them, indulge in them for too long, that’s the real danger and harm to our feelings and most importantly, to our quality of life.

Once I saw what had kept me in the dark and away from everything I so passionately wanted, it scared the heck out of me. I knew that’s the time for a change. Now or never. And this is what I came up with which I am using to this day to save my mind and soul from the impact of a negative life.

1. First question: “What do I feel?”

This is the first question I ask myself when I feel out of place. It helps me identify my emotions and what causes me to feel the way I do. If I feel anger, I ask myself “Why do I feel it?” The power of this question comes from clarifying what is going on inside.

Have you ever got upset in the morning and dragged this attitude for the rest of the day? Yes, I see you are nodding your head. Then that’s two of us.

This question is helpful because it gives you a bit of time to stop and think. You give yourself a chance to recognize what you feel and you become more conscious and aware of the moment and the cause.

2. Second question: “What can I do about it?”

Here comes the punchline. Can you do anything about the situation which upset you or made you angry? If yes, then you try to look for a solution since you don’t want to stay in this negative emotional state for too long. The truth is that if we indulge in negative thinking too often, it becomes a pattern which is harder to break.

If you can’t do anything about the situation, try to let it go and find reasons why you shouldn’t dwell on it. What works for me well is realizing that I don’t want to be the old ME, the negative ME. I want to support new ME, a person who is positive and in control of myself. This often motivates me to fight harder with any negativity I may feel.

3. Morning rituals

One thing which made all the difference in my life was my morning ritual. Practicing gratitude is a part of it. Every morning when I wake up, I name at least 3 things I feel grateful for. I visualize things which bring me gratitude so I put my body into this feeling of joy.

When we feel grateful, we block any anger or frustration. There isn’t space for both and that’s why gratitude is the key to living purely happy life. If you focus on everything you have, you feel more love and satisfaction. But when you focus on everything you don’t have, you will never have enough. Once I incorporated gratitude into my morning routine, my mornings are more exciting and powerful.

Remember that positive life isn’t about what you have or don’t have, it isn’t about challenges you have to fight, it’s all about your perspective and how you see the world. There are so many things we can focus on. It is all up to us what we choose and let into our lives.

Living a positive life isn’t science. It is a result of proper habits and discipline to keep up with them. Your mind and attitude determine the quality of your life so if you feel stuck, if you keep indulging in negative thinking but know that you need a change, take advantage of my 8-week program Ultimate Power Mastery where we are going to focus on discovering your powers and strengths. Click HERE and find out more. Seats are limited and I am accepting only a few applicants.

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