silvia turonova

Hello there! Glad to see you here. Since you may be wondering, “Who the heck is this girl”, let me introduce myself. My name is Silvia Turonova and I don’t even know how to call myself. A coach? Your friend in crime? Maybe good listener? No matter the title, the story will explain it better.

In my early age, life taught me that nothing comes easy. Soon I began to understand that life is a very tricky and it gives you nothing for free. You may be thinking, “Well, that doesn’t sound very exciting, does it?” And that’s why I am here to tell you that it does. Because the most significant breakthroughs come from pain, your struggle, and fear, they come from hitting rock bottom. That’s where the lesson is hidden.

I started to think. Is there any way how I can change your perspective and show you benefits of your pain and struggle? How can you own them and use them as a power instead of weakness? How to embrace those painful moments and get the best out of it? How to live up to your purpose and use the most difficult moments for creating the happiest life? This is what I teach. Seeing benefits where it’s hard to spot them.

We all go through challenges. This doesn’t make us different. What will separate you from others is how well you use those tough life lessons to build a phenomenal life. A life which feels good, life under control.

To better show you what I do and who I am, subscribe and a receive free gift which is 3  mini vide series “Thrive in Crisis.” It is only beginning of a journey we can take together. Take a look around, enjoy the ride and if you have any questions, head over to my Contact page and shoot me an email. I’ll be more than happy to chat.


“The cure for pain is in the pain.”  Rumi